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We love working with this site. There is plenty more we want to add but now the site is finally up and running. We are proud of our work so far.

Please use our site and give us feedback if there is anything we should improve.

We have to say thank you to all contributors, it makes our work even more interesting - It is great working with you guys!

It has been a long journey, this is something that have been on our minds for years. We started off with "brain-storming", we had many great ideas of what we should focus on. We had some important criterias: we should make something that we would like to use ourself, we wanted to learn new technologies and it should include apps and/or web-techologies. At the end we had a recap, we made some long-term and some short-term goals. We should not work our ass off - but we did set an hourly minimum monthly effort. As long as we had progress - we should continue on the same path and not be impatient.

So far it has been a great journey - and we will continue adding hours to make this project even better.

Thank you for using our site :-)

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HTML: Input Types

The HTML <input> element is used to create controls that are interactive for web-based forms. These are used to accept data from the user. There are many different types of input data and control widgets for many different types of devices.

HTML: Semantics

When programming we often talk about semantics. It's simple to say that semantics is the meaning of a piece of code. Semantics can for example describe: the effect a specific line of code has in JavaScript.
Or it can descripbe: what meaning or what role a specific <HTML>-e....

HTML: Elements

HTML elements represents semantics or meaning, it defines different parts of a HTML page. An HTML element is defined by a starting tag and usually it has an ending tag. Most HTML elements have content in between the starting tag and the ending tag.

HTML: HTTP Status Codes

REST APIs use the HTTP Status code in the HTTP response message to inform the clients of their request’s made to the server.

The first digit of the status code specifies one of five standard classes of responses.

The standard classes are:

  • 1xx (Informational): ....



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NDC Conferences

The NDC Conferences (Norwegian Developers Conference) are one of the world`s largest independent software conferences for .NET & Agile development. The conference covers everything you need to know within software development. The conferences are held each year in many places such as Oslo, Copenhagen, London, Sydney and Minnesota.

Update Conference Prague

Update Conference Prague is the biggest developer conference in the Czech Republic. The conference is offering sessions delivered by the top experts from all around the world. Their goal is to inspire the attendees and enrich their knowledge.

Troy Hunt

Learn about Web Security from Troy Hunt. He is a really engaged speaker that frequently give talks on conferences around the world. Troy is a Microsoft MVP and you can even learn from him on some great courses on Pluralsight.


W3Schools.com is a great education Web Site for learning web technologies. On W3Schools you may find well organized basic to advanced tutorials and references.

Scott Hanselman

Learn about Web Technologies and new trends from Scott Hanselman. Scott Hanselman is an author of developer books and he is an engaged speaker that usually talks about the Microsoft stack. You may meet Scott on conferences around the world.

Developer Week

DeveloperWeek is one of the world’s largest developer conferences. Developer Week focus on new dev technologies, the conference have talks and workshops for newbies and experienced audience. You can attend on a Developer Week conference different places in Nothern America.


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Learn JavaScript Debugging

Searching for bugs and fixing them is called code debugging. The bugs might be difficult to diagnose and therefore it is important to have a good approach to find and fix the bugs effectively. Bugs in the code might be syntax errors or logical errors. Sometimes nothing happens when the code contains bugs and there is few indications where to search. Modern web browser includes a powerful suite of developer tools. The tools do a range of things...

Explore JavaScript Arrays

Arrays are frequently used by developers. Programming languages can have slightly different implementation of arrays. An array is an object that can store a collection of items. You may say it`s a special variable that can have more than one value. The array holds many values under a single name, and you may access the values by referring to an index number. The easiest way to create....

Ultimate Guide to HTML Colors

It is essential to give the user a good user experience. There are many things you should focus on, one of them is how you use colors on your website. We don't have to struggle with black and white TVs anymore. Users expect more and more and we can apply colors to everything we want. Texts, borders, backgrounds, shadows – in HTML they all can have whatever color you decide....

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